November 6, 2012

Before Asharae and I met with Lindsey, Michael, and Stella on beautiful Hilton Head, we thought it would be really special for them if we took some video during our time together.  Lucky for us, they agreed to our plan and we were able to photograph and film their baby girl’s first time at the beach. We love capturing people and showing who they are in an authentic, honest way.  Photographs capture a moment and freeze it forever – that is one of the reasons we love to take pictures.  A lot of responsibility comes with capturing something that won’t change.  There is also something that is so freeing and magical about being able to look back and know exactly what your face was like when you first saw your bride-to-be walking down the aisle.  Pictures help refresh and sometimes form our memories.  With a picture you can sit and dwell on a moment.  As photographers, we don’t want to just take pictures; we want to help you remember the emotions and details of those important times in your life.

Video not only allows you to revisit those important moments, but to see them in motion.  Pictures will always be worth a thousand words, but to be able to see motion brings a different kind of appreciation that pictures can’t capture.  Both are very special in their own way, but it’s the little moments like seeing Stella’s tiny toes curl and flex as she tries to stand up that have a different life to them as they move.

It was a joy to capture the movements of baby Stella that morning on Hilton Head.  It was equally joyful to capture the pure love that Lindsey and Michael have for their daughter.  It is in times like those that we really love the opportunity to be with people and capture them, whether that is with pictures or with video. We believe that amongst the seemingly mundane aspects of life, capturing pictures and video creates a sense of joy and appreciation for those easily “forgettable” moments.  They allow us to remember, reflect, and be grateful for who we are and what we have, not on who we “should” be or what we wish we had.

We are really looking forward to our new brand and can’t wait to capture your life moments with pictures and video. Contact us today if you’re interested in booking us to do photography and/or video for a lifestyle session or a wedding! We can’t wait to hear from you!

September 20, 2012

Lindsey, Michael, and Stella are quite possibly one of the cutest little families around. These three (four including Gizmo the pup) live in New York City, and we had the privilege of photographing them while they vacationed on Hilton Head last week. Lindsey is an extraordinarily talented photographer herself – Check out her site and blog! She is also an absolute enthusiast and her vision for the photographs fit right into what we love to do most – capturing real moments of joy and laughter and honesty.

We had a blast capturing sweet baby Stella’s first time to the beach, talking in funny voices to make her giggle, and watching her wrinkle her nose at the feel of sand and salt water between her toes. One of our favorite parts of photographing this little family was listening to Lindsey and Michael sing The Grand Old Duke of York to sweet Stella and seeing her face light up every time. It’s our hope that these images are ones that Lindsey & Michael and their families can treasure for years to come!

January 3, 2013

This past year has been full of travel, family, learning, growing, and challenges. We’re so grateful for everyone who has supported and encouraged us through our transition of moving back to North Carolina from Seattle and establishing our photography business back here. We are also so thankful for the opportunity we had to travel to Bolivia to provide professional photographs and video for the non-profit Mosoj Yan. We’re thrilled as we look forward at the year ahead and dream of where our new endeavor Grain & Compass might take us! We’re glad you’re alongside us for this adventure!

2012 looked like this:

– Settle into our new jobs and home in North Carolina

– Adopt two puppies – Watson and Bentley

– Visit Tim’s family in Maryland

– Spend time with Asharae’s family here in North Carolina

– Celebrate with Lauren and Andrew in St. Louis

Prep for Paige’s (Asharae’s best friend‘s) wedding which Tim photographed nearly single-handedly

– Celebrate with Paige and Khang here in North Carolina

– Attend Tim’s younger brother Ben’s graduation in Indiana

– Asharae chopped all her hair off

– Celebrate with Courtney and Ryan in Ohio

– Attend Asharae’s younger brother Christian’s graduation in Chicago

– Photograph lots of amazing people

– Travel to Cochabamba, Bolivia with our friend Emily to see where Tim grew up and to work with Mosoj Yan

– Fight with our insurance company over stolen gear and such (State Farm is not being a good neighbor.)

– Celebrate with Tim’s brother Richard and new wife Lindsey in Ohio

– Photograph more amazing people

– Travel to Hilton Head, Blowing Rock, Morrow Mountain, The House in the Horseshoe, Raleigh, and other places for photo shoots and weekends with friends

– Complete a fun personal project I’ve been yearning to do

– Do the videography for our very first wedding – see the sneak peek here

– Visit family over the holidays and take the puppies on their first road trip

– Filling up our wedding weekends for next year – contact us if you’d like more information about our photography and videography!

Rebrand Asharae Marie Photography to include Videography services under our new identity Grain & Compass (coming very soon!!)


Enjoy a little review of 2012 via a few of our favorite photos and videos.