October 4, 2011

These past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind of activity for Tim and I as he was offered a teaching position in North Carolina, put in his notice at Blue Nile, packed up all his things, said goodbye to friends, and flew out yesterday morning to start his training on Wednesday. I’m still sort of reeling from all the activity, while also trying to comprehend that he’s left Seattle and I’m close behind him. As I sit in our disheveled apartment full of half-packed boxes and look back at this year, it feels like it has flown by. It could’ve been only a month ago that we were living on Whidbey Island hoping to find work in Seattle so I could intern with Chris & Sarah Rhoads. But that was a whole year ago. What??

I will say though that there were a few months in there that were really slow and difficult – Tim worked the 4am shift on weekdays and for several months I was working Saturday mornings and Sunday nights in addition to 3 or 4 weekdays. When we counted, we didn’t have a single day off together from Christmas day till mid-March. That was hard, and I’m trying to be okay with admitting that. We are a quality-time sort of couple, and the lack of that time together began to wear us thin. I finally demanded requested that I have Sundays off completely, which was a good step in the right direction before I found my nannying job and quit working at Starbucks. Nannying gave me much more flexibility for shooting weddings this summer, and with working only 3 days a week, paid nearly twice as much as I made at the Bux. Good trade I’d say.

Despite all the challenges this year has held for us, I can say we’ve grown so so much, especially in our business, many thanks to our friends Chris & Sarah. Whether they realize it or not, they’ve pushed us to challenge ourselves, to step outside of our comfort zone, to really pursue what we’re passionate about. That alone is worth the price of admission. I wouldn’t trade our year in Seattle for one that was easier or simpler, or for a job that I loved right away. We’ve been challenged in ways we couldn’t have planned. We’ve learned more about our selves and our marriage. We’ve grown to appreciate our families even more and to see the importance for us to be closer to them. We’ve learned what it’s like to have very little community and to cherish what we do have. I’m grateful for this year, for the difficult days that have drawn Tim and I closer together, and for everything we’ve been learning.

I believe each difficulty we face is an opportunity to learn and grow. Sharing what we’ve learned can be an incredible encouragement to those still facing hard circumstances. I’d love to hear what sort of challenges you’ve come up against recently and what you’ve been able to learn through them.

Tim’s last morning in Seattle, before going to the airport.

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