September 16, 2011

It’s officially official. Tim and I are moving to North Carolina! We’ve been considering it for quite a while now, and everything is really starting to fall into place. The original plan was to visit our families near Charlotte and in Maryland through the holidays and then move to the Raleigh area. In the past few weeks those plans have begun to shift as Tim applied for a teaching position near my home town – actually, at my old high school. It’s been a weird process, because when he applied we really thought there was no way he’d be selected, since he’s not certified to teach yet. Apparently God and the Stanly County School System had other plans though. Tim got a call last night offering him the art teaching position at West Stanly High School. Wow. So now our planning has gone into hyperdrive as we look at plane tickets for him to fly to North Carolina in two weeks so he can begin training. The idea now is that I’ll stay in Seattle until the end of October to finish my internship, clean and pack up our apartment, and my dad will fly out here toward the end of the month to help me move.

As we consider leaving Seattle and moving back to North Carolina there’s a whole mix of emotions that come with it. Since living here we’ve been learning how important our families are to us – it’s harder than we thought to be on the other side of the country from them! I’ve also discovered that I’m a Southern girl at heart, and the Pacific Northwest – while completely beautiful and with it’s own unique charm – is not the South. While there’s a very prevalent entrepreneurial attitude in this city that I admire, there’s also a lack of warmth and hospitality. Obviously that’s a broad generalization, and we’ve made some fantastic friends here, but that has been a common theme in much of our experience here. It’s been reassuring recently to hear other Seattle-transplants share their similar observations. The other day someone from California described Seattle to us as a gray old man, with a long gray beard, who likes to stay inside, cozied up in his gray snuggie, on his gray couch, looking out at the gray weather. Hah! I could only laugh at the very accurate word picture.

While much of me is very excited to get out of the city and be back somewhere that is familiar to me, there’s some bittersweetness mixed in as well. We’re sad about leaving the friends we’ve made here, about being done with my incredible learning experience with Chris & Sarah Rhoads, and about moving right after several of our Wheaton friends have just moved to the area. Tim has described me as someone who feels transitions deeply – I tend to be keenly aware of all that I’m leaving behind along with everything that I’m looking forward to. I’d say that’s definitely true here. This year in Seattle has been a challenging one in so many ways, and yet we’re grateful for all we’ve learned here. Now that we’re on the edge of another big transition, I naturally look backward with gratitude and forward with anticipation for the next season.



  • Jessica says:

    It is official! wow. I am SO beyond excited for you!!
    The Lord is definitely taking care of you… and I’m so thrilled His plans involve this move. Ahh! Your hearts must feel so full and alive and grateful. Prayers lifted for you in this big transition time. You are missed already and I look forward to the day we will meet again.
    All my Love– Jessica

  • Em says:

    Sob, but I’m so excited and happy for you guys. I think this sounds like such a good fit. Can’t wait to come up to Seattle sometime soon to catch you before you leave :-)
    I love you!

  • Vivian says:

    Praying for all the decisions as you go from there to here! Vivian :>)

  • John Walford says:

    All these emotions are highly familiar. Tell Tim I am elated by news of his appointment to teach art in HS.

    May God be with you both, fondly, John Walford

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