December 13, 2012

We have been on a long journey this past year as we’ve been brainstorming and reworking Asharae Marie Photography. Since the beginning of our business, we’ve desired to create honest, beautiful images that will be cherished and passed down for years to come. Asharae Marie has been our baby for the last three years and it has allowed us to travel to amazing places and document beautiful stories. We are so excited that our current business has provided us a springboard to delve into the world of videography in addition to our photography. With this new exploration, and our desire for a name that opens the door for videography ventures, we’ve created Grain & Compass.

We wanted a name with depth – one that is beautiful on the surface and beautiful when you dig into the meaning behind it. Here are the thoughts behind our new name. We’d love to hear what you think!

The words Grain and Compass each serve as symbols of what we hope our photography and videography work to be.

Grain comes from the imagery of wood grain in the cross-section of a tree. Each of the rings in the grain represents a year in time, and each ring tells the story of that year – did the area experience heavy rainfall, a drought, a fire? The grain retells that tree’s story. In the same way that a tree marks certain events and the passage of time through its wood grain, we desire to mark certain events with a photograph and the passage of time through video.

A compass is honest. It always points north, and it directs you on your path. In the same way, we desire our work to be honest and authentic. We choose to not over-process our photos and video for a reason. We want to tell your story as it actually happened, rather than create a false reality. We hope that in difficult times, you’re able to reflect on the photos and video of your wedding day, for example, and remember the celebration, the commitment, and the joy. In those times we hope our work goes beyond a simple photo or video – we hope it serves as a compass, showing you which way is “north” and directing you back to the truth.

We’re thrilled to be able to share a little preview of our new brand! Here’s our logo designed by the incredibly talented Matt Daniels! Check out his other work here.

In the next month we’ll be shifting from Asharae Marie Photography to Grain & Compass. We’re excited to have you alongside us for this journey!

For now you can check out our temporary site: Grain & Compass

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