August 17, 2012

Last weekend we traveled to Ohio for Tim’s older brother’s wedding. We were both a part of Richard and Lindsey’s enormous wedding party (21 people…or was it 22?), so we got to sit back and relax (make loads of fantastic decorations) instead of toting our camera gear around. But that didn’t stop us from snagging these two cuties for a couple minutes right before their rehearsal dinner so we could snap a few photos for them. We’ve got a pretty good looking family huh?

Also keep an eye out for Bolivia photos in the near future. After returning we were able to purchase a new computer to replace our stolen laptop (thank the Lord for financing options) and replace most of the software that was on it, get me all healthy again (apparently I had a “raging case of bronchitis” the whole time we were in Bolivia – the Dr was horrified), attend two weddings, and get to work on all the photos and video we captured while in South America. We’ve got lots to share, so come back soon!

  • Vivian says:

    Yes, we do have cute people in our family! What nice photos of the couple! Sorry to hear of your bronchitis, Asharae! Can’t wait for the Bolivia photos… Vivian

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