July 3, 2012

Jonathan and Lily have been married just over two years now and we were privileged with the opportunity to photograph their wedding in Louisiana as well as their anniversary photos here in NC. These two overflow with the sweetest sort of love for one another. They’ve been through a lot these past two years with job changes, uncertainty involving future plans and grad school options, as well as a move from Chicago to North Carolina. Through it all they’ve only grown closer together as a couple. We’re thankful for these two friends and excited to see how they grow and love on one another for years to come.

For their photos we found the perfect little spot and met halfway between Charlotte (where we live) and Raleigh (where they live). The House in the Horseshoe was built around 1770 and happens to have Revolutionary War history – who knew! It was also perfectly reminiscent of the lovely house-turned-restaurant where they tied the knot in Louisiana. We incorporated the North Carolina state map into the very end of our shoot with them as we thought it’d be sweetly symbolic of this season of their marriage.

For those that are interested, Lily keeps a blog which is the perfect mix of hilarious and poingnant at the same time – you can check it out here!

Happy two years friends!

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