February 23, 2012

Last weekend my childhood best friend, Paige, and I put together a Valentine’s dinner of epic proportions for Tim and Paige’s fiance, Khang. You’ve seen them before – they came to visit when we were in Seattle! Now I’m not really one to go crazy for Valentine’s day, but this year Paige and I couldn’t help ourselves. I’m sure the boys suspected something when we forced them to sit in the living room and watch basketball together all afternoon as we decorated. But little did they know we had found some spectacular dresses to wear for the evening. (By spectacular I mean pretty terrible – complete with many a sequin, ruffle and bow.) We had a little fun after we stuffed ourselves on a delicious fondue dinner, and Tim captured these photos for us. Unfortunately, the extent of ruffley goodness on Paige’s dress isn’t visible in these photos, but rest assured – she’d have made a great flamenco dancer.

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