February 17, 2012

A few weeks ago Tim and I traveled to visit his parents in Maryland. We’re so grateful to be back on this side of the country for several reasons – the main one that we can hop in a car for just a few hours and arrive at our parents’ doorstep. We’ve both been truly blessed with supportive families who encourage us in our endeavors, but are also willing to ask the good questions and challenge us when we need it. We spent the weekend eating delicious food, watching football, and touring around the beautiful snowy wonderland of western Maryland. The last morning Tim and I were there, we decided to explore the old B&O Railroad Station. Yes, that’s the same B&O railroad on your Monopoly board. Perhaps you just thought it was a funny fake name. Nope. It actually exists.

Enjoy a little taste of our weekend adventure.

  • Em says:

    Why are you the cutest person I know?
    Sad I wasn’t in Maryland at the same time. But SO happy you got to go :-).
    AND SO EXCITED ABOUT OUR POTENTIAL ADVENTURE… skype date, we are making it happen. omg. no one i’d rather be praying thru this with!!!

  • Kelly Lemon says:

    Where did tim get his gloves?? I have been looking for a pair just like those Agustin all winter!

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